• Nature play

  • Our Eco Environment

    Our garden is arranged on different levels, with sand and hard surfaces. There are paths, steps, logs, trees, shrubs, slides, a play cubby, sandpits, an old boat, a mud kitchen and a water pump.There is a kitchen garden, where we follow the 6 indigenous planting seasons, Mulberry bushes and a rock garden. There is a plethora of natural materials – twigs, leaves, stones, bark, seeds and so on. We have a ‘Tinkering Shed’ and our children use real tools. They are supported to take educated risks. Children have access to cushions, tents and dressing up materials.

    The outdoor classroom offers children the opportunity to utilise effective modes of learning – play, movement and sensory experience.Children have versatile equipment and environments and are able to control, change and modify their environment. Where children can play and socialise freely and use their own imagination and initiative.

    All the areas of learning can be achieved outside while the children’s long-term social, emotional and mental health are improved exercise can affect emotions allowing for relaxation and calmness and a heightened sense of well being (Armstrong 1996).Our specifically designed playgrounds and gardens provide the opportunity for assessed risky play and the freedom and encourages children to relive their experiences through their most natural channel – movement.

  • Explore the possibilities.

    Let us show you the wonders of our world and at the same time, we can answer your questions and help you discover if Eco Early Learning & Bush Kinder is the right environment for your child to flourish. We would love to meet you and your child, so call us or enquire now.